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Small businesses and social enterprises, that employ only a few people, are at the heart of our communities and our local economies. And yet these businesses, often dubbed ‘micro-enterprises’ are sorely neglected by business support initiatives. The challenges that these businesses face will be many and varied and ‘top down’ business support has struggled to cope with this. EDC’s community enterprise team addresses this gap.

In delivering some of the UK’s most innovative community enterprises projects we have developed a very practical understanding of the challenges facing anyone thinking of developing a micro enterprise. In trying to support these individuals we know what works and what doesn’t. Our work with clients is based on that real experience. With individuals looking to develop micro enterprises, and for whom support will make a difference, we see low levels of expectation, personal and financial barriers , lack of role models and a skills gap in one or more of the key aspects of the business. When we come to social enterprises we find an additional set of challenges. Here the legal and organisational issues around start up can be a real block and once up and running the SE often lacks the capacity and experience to exploit opportunities. This is often compounded by a governance structure that is strong on passion but weak on business skills.

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EDC works with clients to develop innovative solutions to these challenges. Our approach is based on an understanding of the importance of social capital to developing businesses, and the role that the wider community can play in strengthening this.

Our Services Include:

We tend to work by invitation and so if you would like to discuss your project just email us on andy@eadc.co.uk